Visitor Visa for Denmark


Denmark Visa Information (Only For Indian Nationals)



Embassy Address in India

Royal Danish Embassy
11.Aurangzeb Road,
New Delhi-110011
Tel : (11)42090751/ 42090752 / 53
Fax : (11)23792019 / 23792891

Visa Submission Time : 1000 to 1300 ( Monday, Wednesday and Friday only with prior appointment)
Visa Collection Time :  1400 to 1500 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

Schengen Member States:

Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Iceland, Italy, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Sweden, Switzerland Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovak, Poland, Estonia,Slovenia,Latvia and Lithuania

Visa Requirements


  • Passport valid at least six months
  • 1 visa form
  • 2 photographs with white background 35x45mm
  • Covering letter for stating purpose of visit
  • Confirm return ticket
  • Hotel confirmation
  • Foreign Exchange or International credit card copy
  • Medical insurance

If self employed 

Bank statements last six months personal and company both and income tax returns last three years

If employed 

Letter from employer stating No objection , salary slips last three months, Tax returns last three years or form 16

  • If the visit is sponsored by a reference person in Denmark the reference must send the following supporting documents:
  • Passport copy (reference is a Danish national)
  • Residence permit copy (reference is a non Danish national)
  • Detailed sponsorship letter stating the applicant's name, address and relationship with the reference, duration of stay and the financial nature of the sponsorship(letter in original and not older than three months)


Visa Fee and other requirement same as tourist additional required original invitation letter from Danish company.

Transit Visa:

A transit visa enables the holder to leave the airport in case of a long wait between connecting flights or in cases where an immediatess connection is not available. The following documents must be submitted with the application:

A valid visa for the country of destination (please attach photo copy)

  • Proof of foreign exchange
  • An onward journey ticket
  • Hotel reservation in case of an overnight stay

Transit Visa for Seamen:

  • A covering letter from the Indian recruiting company stating the applicant's name and rank, vessel's name and arrival date at the port in Denmark, date of joining vessel, the name and address of the handling agent in Denmark
  • Copy of the contract/appointment letter
  • Confirmation by letter/fax from agent in Denmark
  • Photocopy of the all the filled out pages of the CDC 

Airport Transit Visa:

As a general rule Indian nationals must obtain a visa before travelling in transit through a Danish airport no matter whether changing of aircraft is required or not. An airport transit visa entitles the holder to enter the international transit area of the airport, but not the territory of Denmark. The passport must be endorsed with a valid visa or residence permit for the country of final destination.

However, Indian nationals holding a residence permit in an EU- or an EEA country , USA or Canada are exempt from airport transit visas, if they hold a re-entry permit to the country of residence valid for at least 3 months after expiry of the airport transit.

Furthermore, Indian nationals holding a valid visa to an EU- or an EEA country, Switzerland, USA or Canada are also exempt from airport transit visas.

Processing Time


05-06 days after getting approval

Transit Visa:

05-07 days after getting approval




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