Student Visa for United States of America

Complete Process for USA Student Visa

List out required documents for USA Consulate first

Primary Documents:

1. HDFC Barcode or Visa Fee Receipt

2. I-20 (with signature)

3. DS-160 form (CEAC barcode Number i.e. Confirmation Page)

4. Web Appointment Letter

5. SEVIS Fee Receipt

6. Passport (Original)

7. Photograph (50mm X50mm or 2X2 inc


1. Original Master/Bachelors Degree Certificates (CMM, Provisional , Individual marks sheets etc.,)


3. 10th class mark sheets (Optional)

4. 12th Class mark sheets (Optional)

Financial Documents:

1. Income Documents (ITRs, Form-16, Salary Certificates, Agriculture/Rental Incomes etc.,)

2. Savings Documents (PF Statements, LIC’s-Surrender Values, Bank Statements, FDR, Education Loans etc)

3. CA (state of Summary), CE Reports (Property Evaluation Statement) & Affidafidavits

4. Property documents Xerox copies only (Optional)

Digitize Photograph of Size 2X2 Inches

Ø The photograph to be digitized must be at minimum 2 inches by 2 inches, plain background.

Ø The scanner resolution should be set to a minimum of 300 dots per inch or 300 pixels per inch.

Ø The digital photograph should be saved as a high quality (low-compression) JPEG image file.

Ø More technical requirements can be found at:

v http://travel.state.gov/visa/guide/guide_3886.html

v http://travel.state.gov/visa/guide/guide_3877.html

DS-160 Form filling & Print Confirmation Page (CEAC Barcode Number)


General Information

v Personal-1

Ø Location-Hyderabad, India

Ø Surnames

Ø Given Names

Ø Sex

Ø Date of Birth

Ø City of Birth

Ø State/Province of Birth

Ø Country of Birth

v Personal-2


Personal Information

Address and Phone Numbers

Passport Details

Travel Details

Travel Companions

Previous U.S. Travel

U.S. Contact


Work / Education / Training

Security and Background

Book VISA Interview Appointment & Print the Appointment



Before you get started you may want to have the following information and documents to hand:



Receipt issued by HDFC Bank

CEAC barcode Number

Relevant documents based on visa class

E-mail address


Then Start

1. Make your appointment

2. VFS online appointment system

3. Schedule appointment with U.S. Embassy / Consulate: I Agree & CONTINUE

4. Enter Passport Expiry Date: DD-Month-YYYY & CONTINUE

5. State of Residency: Andhra Pradesh

6. Select Language for Interview: English

7. Purpose of Travel: Studying in the USA / Exchange Visitor

8. Select Visa Class: F1 (Academic or language studies)

9. Have you been refused twice in the last 12 months?: NO

10. Are you applying for the same class of visa which is currently valid or has expired within the past 12 months?*: NO

11. Select Interview Date & CONTINUE

12. Enter Name, HDFC Bar Code Number, Passport Details, Mothers Name & CONTINUE

13. Enter CEAC barcode Number & CONTINUE

14. Print the Page and Send to Mail-ID


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