Student Visa for Switzerland


Visa application form The visa application form is provided free of charge by the local Swiss representation at your place of residence. Alternatively, it can be downloaded from the internet in PDF format.5 Usual-ly, it must be submitted in triplicate. Most representations request you to present yourself in per-son, so please make sure in advance whether or not this is the case. Please note: the validity period of a student visa usually starts 2-3 weeks before the start of the semester. If you wish to enter Switzerland earlier, you must mention this in your visa application and give a detailed explanation why you need to enter Switzerland earlier.

Passport Copy of the first few (relevant) pages of your passport. Your passport must be valid for at least 3 months over the planned duration of your stay. This is very important – your visa will not be ap-proved if your passport expires earlier!

Passport-size pictures 3 recent passport-size pictures

Confirmation of registration at ETH Zurich Please enclose the official ETH letter "Confirmation of Registration" and the "Matriculation Con-firmation", which you have received from the ETH Admissions Office. Please note that the letter entitled "Admission to Master Programme" is not sufficient to obtain a visa.

Curriculum vitae / foreign language skills Personal data sheet in German or English, provided with your signature. Foreign language skills must be listed in detail. Please see appendix 1 for an example.

Diplomas / certificates of present and previous studies Copies and officially certified translations in German or English.

Letter of motivation / future plans Please write, if possible in German, a personal (short!) statement in which you declare the fol-lowing: 1) The reasons why you want to study in Switzerland. Do also mention that the ETH Master pro-gramme is the next logical step in your studies following your Bachelor degree, and why the Master programme is important for your professional future. 2) Outline your future plans upon completing your studies.

Evidence of sufficient financial means You must produce evidence of sufficient financial means to support your stay in Switzerland. You can do this by providing bank statements and/or scholarship awards. The Canton of Zurich Migration Office requires confirmation from a bank with a branch in Switzerland (it doesn’t have to be a Swiss bank, but a foreign bank with a branch in Switzerland6). As a rule, you should be able to provide evidence of having CHF 21'000 at the beginning of each year of your studies. You yourself must be the account holder and the account balance must be shown in Swiss Francs, Euros or US Dollars either on the bank statement or in an additional letter from the bank. Please note: Even big and internationally well-known banks are not ac-cepted if they do not have a branch in Switzerland. Examples of accepted banks are: Citi-bank, HSBC, Deutsche Bank, etc. Supporting letters of parents are not accepted. Alternatively, you can hand in a so-called "guarantee declaration".7

Commitment to leave Switzerland on completion of studies You must confirm in writing (in German or English) that you will leave Switzerland upon complet-ing your studies. Please see appendix 2 for a sample letter.



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