Student Visa for France


● Missing documents= incomplete application = risk of refusal of visa

● The Consulate reserves the right to demand for additional document in order to complete the file

● Fees are not refundable in case of refusal or cancellation of the visa application

1. This list of documents + Covering letter

2. Long stay visa application form correctly filled, dated and signed. This form can be downloaded on


3. Passport with a minimum of three months validity beyond the validity of the requested visa and two blank

pages + copy of the first page (applicant’s identity) and the last page (parents’ name and address)

4. Two passport-size photographs not older than 3 months. One must be attached to the application form.

Please visit www.vfs-france.co.in to know the photo specifications.

5. CampusFrance ID Number

6. Original and one copy of a letter of registration from a French academic institution or a certificate testifying

that you will follow an European Union training programme or proof of scholarship

7. In case of an Exchange student program : letter from the Indian institute

8. Short curriculum vitae and copy of your diplomas, degrees and certificates – Letter from company in case

of work experience

9. Copy of the tuition fees payment certificate + proof of the payment (money transfer copy, cheque, D.D., …)

10. Financial statement (details of funds available / Expenses statement).

If fixed deposits are provided as part of the finances, the original certificate and one copy have to be given.

11 Proof of financial means

For students with scholarship : certificate from the institution with the amount and the duration of the scholarship

For other students : last three month personal bank statements – Certificate from the bank for a student loan – If

you have a sponsor (parents, close family members), last three month personal bank statements of your sponsor

with a letter to certify that he will sponsor you.

A minimum of 615 euros/month is required for every day life (food, medical, transport…)

* Any other investment portfolio other than bank statements and fixed deposits will not be accepted

12 Accommodation during the first three months of the stay

- Accommodation provided by the French institution : attestation issued by the institution with the address of the


- Accommodation provided by an individual : undertaking by the person to accommodate the applicant with copy

of her ID card and her property deed or lease agreement, last income tax paper or family book (livret de famille)

- Hotel : confirmed reservation and necessary resources to cover costs (confirmation for one month)

13 Air ticket booking

14 Travel insurance for the first three months

15 OFII certificate request form for more than 6 months of studies. You can find this document at the

consulate, VFS facilities or on the OFII website (www.ofii.fr)

16 For the members of a student’s family, proof of family link :

- Marriage certificate with apostille for the spouse

- Birth certificate with apostille for the child

- First year : Visitor visa // After 18 months : visa “family establishment”

17 Visa fees: equivalent of 50 € if CampusFrance registered, 99€ if not, 99 € for family

Free of charges for students with scholarship from the French Government

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