Student Visa for Denmark

Student Visa Checklist Denmark


1 2 completed application forms

2 6 passport sized (45cm x 35cm) coloured photographs with white background

taken recently. On the photograph, the applicants face- chin, forehead, nose,

eyes, eyebrows and the mouth- should be clearly visible

3 A valid passport and 2 photocopies on A4-sized paper (Copies of 2nd, 3rd, 4th,

5th pages and the previous visas), ex-passports and their copies, if there are


4 Originals of the Birth Registration issued recently by the Civil Registry Office.

5 Letter of acceptance issued by the educational institution in Denmark (originals

and a copy)

6 Evidence of sufficient funds- i.e. bank book- to cover accommodation and

living expenses in Denmark or Letter of Scholarship (for further information

please visit Danish Immigration Office website).

7 Student’s Registration (originals and a copy)

8 The Embassy has a right to request additional documentation.

9 Documents in Turkish should be translated into Danish/English by a sworn

interpreter and should be submitted in two copies

10 Case Order ID Payment recipt.

Note: All documents should be submitted in Original along with a photocopy set.


I hereby confirm that I have provided all the above-listed genuine documents.

I understand that an incomplete application may prolong the processing of my case as well as being a

contributing factor to a refusal of my visa application by the Danish authorities; that the Danish

Embassy/Consulate General reserves the right to ask for further documentation and to call the visa

applicant for an interview; that by paying the visa fee the applicant does not automatically earn the right to

a visa; that in case of refusal or cancellation of the visa application, the visa fee is non-refundable; and

that approval or refusal of an application is entirely at the discretion of the Danish authorities.


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