Country: Malaysia

Our requirement and term of employment are as follow:

1. Number of workers: 50 workers

2. Jobcategory: Outsource (Service Sector)

3. Age: 18-35 years old

4. Contract Period: 3 (Three) years. And renewable

5. Salary

Basic monthly salary: RM 50 x 26 days = RM 1300.00 Total: RM 1300.00

6. Working Days: Monday to Saturday.

7. Working Hours: 12 hours per day

8. Overtime: 6 RM per hour

9. Workmen Compensation: In accordance with Malaysia Labor Law

10. Accommodation: To be provided by the Employer (Free of charge)

11. Transportation: To be provided by the Employer

13. Yearly Medical: Yearly medical examination will required by Immigration Department of Malaysia and cost incurred will be borne by Employee by deduction of salary.

14. Restriction:

a. That the Employee shall not marry with any Malaysian and shall not participate in any political activities and activities of those connected with Trade Union in Malaysia.

b. That the Employee shall not change his employment during the contract period and shall not carry or do business without the written permission form the Employer.

c. That if the Employee is found creating social problems and or engaged in any illegal subversive or criminal activities, and then he will be dismissed with immediate effect and will be repatriated to Pakistan on his own expenses.




15. Termination of service:

On the occurrence of any of the following events the employer reserves the right to terminate this agreement in accordance with provision of Employment Act under intimation to The High Commission of The People’s Republic of Pakistan.

a. If the employee’s breaches any of the restrictions in item 16 and is convicted under the laws of Malaysia.

b. If the employee’s Employment pass is withdrawn by the Malaysian Authority for any reason whatsoever.

c. If the employee is absent from work for more than three (3) consecutive Working days without any valid reason.

d. If the employee is certified medically unfit to employment by the Medical Practitioner.

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